What is the purpose of grafana dashboards instead of influxdb?

Dear all,
I developded a flow displaying some numbers about my gas consumption. Values are stored in influxdb and I've build a nice dashboard in influxdb.

I learned that for visualization purposes one should go for grafana. So build up a more or less similar dashboard in grafana. It does not look so nice compared to the influxdb (in particular the gauge is really ugly) but it works.

Now I'm wondering was it worth, this exercise and what exactly is the benefit using grafana dashboards in stead of native influxdb.

take care

How have you done that? I did not realize that influxdb had its own dashboard.

Influx 2.0 has built in dashboard features but the query language is horrible to interact with imo. influxdb 3.0 apperently goes back to sql.

OK, thanks.

@holgi I can't comment on the influxdb dashboard as I have never used it. Most use Grafana for their extremely flexible historical chart capability.

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Hi Colin,
please find here a screenshot with my dashboard

Dashboard Screenshot

take care


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