What is wrong with this?


I was working on real flow late last night and needed to change from outputting on payload to payload.text to feed the mastodon node instead of the twitter node

I spent an hour tearing my hair out as to why it wasn't working and had to resort to an external change node :slight_smile:

Can't believe after all the years working with NR that it was only when I wrote this simple flow that my errant thinking struck me. :slight_smile:


Although, I am still suprised that it silently "fails" and doesn't give an error - why is that?

FYI here is the JS that the Blocky node generates


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If you added the following (exactly as written...) to the top of that code it wouldn't fail silently.

"use strict";

why is that?

Welcome to JavaScript. :wink:


Do I get a prize for spotting more than 1 error in that code :wink:

You can speak Blockly? :slight_smile:

I can but the error is in the output javascript.

That's just what Blocky transcribes it to - can't control that - don't care - hate JS :slight_smile:

My initial answer to "What's wrong with this" was the colour clash and horrible shapes of the Blockly code. Not all non-procedural languages can have the clean UI of Node-red though.

I tried to see who did know and "liked" the post; I accidentally liked it myself.
Yet I have not the slightest idea what's wrong with the code apart from it just feels wrong.

I followed knolleary's hint of adding "use strict"; to the Javascript, it still fails silently.

Please put me out of my misery and explain what's going on?

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It doesn't set msg.payload to an object
So when it tries to set msg.payload.text - it just gets ignored and the original timestamp msg.payload gets sent on instead

This fixes it

Interesting :slight_smile:

Arrghhhhh! You added some pink to all that claret and magenta. It hurts!

Thanks for the explanation.

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