Wheelchair navigation system using NodeRed dashboard and interactive maps

Hello, community!!

For my thesis, I am to build this project for a wheelchair navigation system. Being a wheelchair user myself, I would love it if I could use a map application (GoogleMaps or similar), where I would be guided through wheelchair-accessible routes. Those routes would be:

a) Predefined, (by other users, crowdsourcing, etc where routes will be marked as accessible and permanent obstacles/inaccessible routes will be noted – as polygons?)

b) Dynamic, where a user can declare a permanent or temporary obstacle on the map and have the route recalculated, avoiding the obstacle.

What’s more, I am to combine the aforementioned procedure with sensor data (taken from a low-power microcontroller – Arduino/WeMos/ESP32 or similar – with sensors (accelerometer, GPS, obstacle detection) attached to it.

Will NodeRed [FlowFuse dashboard] do the trick for me? I know that I’ll probably face no issues with sensor data, by what worries me is the map implementation as I need it to be dynamic and interactive.

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance

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This is a great idea!

Have you seen this?:

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I would probably try to avoid that if you can. It isn't totally free. Have a look at OpenStreetMap for your base maps, they have great crowd-sourcing features already.

A Garry says, have a look at Dave's Worldmap as a starting point as it will do most, if not all of the heavy lifting for you.

I that prooves insufficient for some reason, I would still avoid Dashboard since that is designed to be a general-purpose starting point for no-code web UI's and you will almost certainly end up fighting it more than it helps in this case.

Dashboard 2 may be better as it is more flexible. However, if you want full control over the interface, have a look at the UIBUILDER nodes, this will let you create exactly whatever you want in the browser without the need for a framework like Angular or Vue (though you can also use them if you like). The commonly used 3rd-party library for mapping is called Leaflet. UIBUILDER will give you 2-way comms between Node-RED and the browser, help manage 3rd-party libraries and much more - but only if you want it, otherwise it gives to the comms and some useful tools but is lightweight on the browser.

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I stand in awe, at your kind words, your quick responses, and of course your detailed explanation!

I will, of course, run through them carefully and will come back, not only if in need of extra help/advice but also to keep you updated on the progress so that others may benefit in the future.

Thank you, Garry and Julian!