Node-red Worldmap API query

Hello experts,

I am a newbie in node-red and working on a personal project.

I would like to ask if node-red-contrib-web-worldmap is using an external map to present the map to us? Does it use an API for that?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, that node does not use uibuilder. It produces a separate web page powered by Node-RED. I've removed the uibuilder tag from the post.

To see what it is loading, you can open your browsers dev tools on the map page, go to the network tab and see what it has loaded from where.

If I remember correctly, by default is uses Leaflet with OpenMaps but you can use custom maps I believe.

By default it offers a selection of freely available online maps. But as pointed out it can be configured to use a local map server for more offline use if required.

Hi dceejay, thank you for your quick reply. Is it possible to use Google map with this node? Could you please help me to integrate google map?

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