Node-red-contrib-web-worldmap offline maps?

So because there is not too much information about the offline maps for the node-red-contrib-web-worldmap node...

By following this post, I was only able to configure the executable file, and map file, but I am stuck as I do not know what to do next...

Any help and experience with 'worldmap' is acceptable :hugs:

Not really a Node-RED question - I used mapserver so had to create the required tile index files from the tiles I had using gdaltindex Tile Indexes — MapServer 7.6.2 documentation - that creates the .shp and dbx files used by the map file etc. Where you get you georeferenced map tiles (usually large geotiffs) from is down to you.

There are probably other tiling map servers now available but I haven't used them so can't comment.

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