Using the world map in offline mode

I used node-red-contrib-web-worldmap and it's really a wonderful module, but I need to use it in offline mode. I read almost all the posts related to this topic (the main document doesn't explain it in detail either), but I couldn't find a practical and step-by-step guide on how to use the world map in offline mode? If anyone has experience in this field, please help. I am a bit new to using Node Red.

Start by explaining your use case.

  • What size area do you need the map to cover, at what zoom levels.
  • what hardwear will this all run on

Thanks hardillb, but i need a complete guide.

No, you really need to give us some information to work with, because the options are very different.

I want to see the location information that a drone sends on the map. I also want to command the drone to go to the location I mark on the map. However, the problem I have is that if I want to deploy Node-Red on a server, that server is not connected to the Internet and works inside an internal network. At this point, the map I need is the size of a city with its suburbs.

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