How to use worldmap offline in node-red

Good day,

i am setting up a worldmap on node-red. I want to track paths and delete these paths after i have clicked a button. Right now, it works fine. But the current state is with a internet connection.
I want to use worldmap offline without an internet connection. How can i do this.
In the worldmap node there is a drop down menue where i can choose custom maps. But how do i use it?

So i am looking for a offline solution to display a worldmap with node-red. Tracking the paths is no problem, this is working.

Thanks for the help.

Worldmap only has country outlines built in for offline use. If you need real maps offline you need a local (offline) map server. If you read the readme there are several examples of how to do this with docker containers. Or any local WMS server can be used.

Thank you for your fast reply.
I have read the documentation and saw the option with the docker and mapserver. It looks like that this cost many time. Is there a fast way to do this? I just want to few a small village and i have just a raspberry pi.


No, the docker container is the fast way.

If you don’t need to zoom much then you may be able to use a simple image overlay as long as you can find one and set the coordinates of the corners. Again see the readme for an example.

Thanks again for the replys.
I will test the docker container. This seems to be the easiest way.
Later I will write about the results.

Hey nobody12343,
Did you do this?
Just like you, I need to use the world map in offline mode.
If you do, I would be grateful if you could guide me.

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