Interactive offline map with svg editor

Hi I'm doing a project and the program I'm writing needs to have an interactive interface with a map. Now I can't use the worldmap node because I need it to work offline. So what my idea was is to use the svg editor node so you can grab a picture of a map you downloaded (or take a picture of it with the webcam) and then insert that into the svg so that the user can add some "sensors" at certain places.

Only I have limited knowledge of node-red and the main program was already written for me by another developer that quit the project.

Can anyone help me please?

If you have any better ideas on how to implement this, I would also appreciate that.

Kind regards!

the world map node works fine with either a local map server (eg tileserver-gl with a section of map from, or a simple geotiff image overlay. Or indeed an image with specified corners,


Thank you. In my "despair" and unknowingness I was not able to see straight anymore of what the possibilities were. Loading a picture in the worldmap works perfectly for me. Thanks again!

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