Where are the flow state control command on node-red v1.01?

After I updated the latest node-red,I can't find the Button to enable/disable the flow.

they moved to the bottom of the page
to be consistent with enabling disabling a node

It took me a while to find it at the very bottom.

I would suggest to move it back to the top for the flows, and to do the same for the nodes too.

It was a conscious decision to move it to the bottom as disabling a node is not an everyday occurrence. And we wanted to make the tab disable consistent so that the users would find them all in the same place.


To add to Dave's comments, we cannot move it up for nodes because the node-red editor doesn't own the layout of the node properties tab - that is provided entirely by the node itself.

The footer is the only space we have available to add the button for regular nodes, so the flow edit dialog was updated to match.


Thank you for the explanations.

Having the Enable/Disable button on the same place for the flows and the nodes, i.e. on the very bottom, is a nice improvement over the previous releases.

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