Where does NR reference time from?


Just built a new VM - Ubuntu 20.04.

Initially timezone was left as default since changed to be Sydney Australia - Date command at the CLI returns the correct date and time.

However i have an inject node that is set to fire at 7AM each day and send me an email - currently i am getting this email at 5PM each day - which would be the equivalent GMT/UTC Zero time.

I have just restarted the box to see if that changes anything - but the question is - what native mechanism does NR use for scheduling ? Is it something internal - or does it just tap into Cron ? (as i have just investigated there and can not find anything setup)


It doesn't do anything special, it will just use the system clock.

It will use the default system time zone (when is was started, so won't change if you update the default while it's running).

You can change the time zone using the TZ environment variable if you want, but again this needs to be set and in scope before starting node-red

OK thanks - figured as much and have just performed a restart -now to see if allworks as expected at 7AM tomorrow (today)


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