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I am new to node-red. I already searched with google etc. But I did not find an answer.

If I start node-red in windows 10 via cmd. The time in node red has an offset to my system time.
For example:
node-red: 10:00 pm
Windows System Time: 11:00 pm

Where is it possible to change the time in node-red to system time? Thanks.

What you are probably seeing is UTC time. It's not different, it's just shown differently.

What are you trying to achieve?

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Did you install using Docker? If so then you may not have set the docker time zone correctly.

If not that then show us where you are seeing it wrong.


I am not sure how I installed it. It was 3 months ago.
Here is a Screenshot of the starting process.


Time at the Screenshot is 15:25. UTC Time is 14:24.
I would only like to now why there is an offset and how to set the time.

Nodejs 15 is not a supported version. You should upgrade to 16 or 18. You should probably upgrade to the latest version of node red too, though I don't expect either of those to change what your are reporting here.

I don't understand what problem you have, the log appears to be showing the time correctly, 15:25.

As @Colin has said - it would be a good idea to update to the latest version of NR.

But the reason that you are seeing the issue is i believe that your regional setting is not correct in Windows 10 and this is offsetting for DST.


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