Where the heck is the /nol folder?


I have all hidden folders and files visible on my Mac with node red successfully installed and running. But I still cannot find a "/nol" in my home folder. Where and what is this mysterious "nol"?

I'm a beginner in just about everything node-red so I'd appreciate any help!




I know the answer to this is likely very simple, not hoping for anything expansive so no pressure haha.


I guess you are referring to the /nol folder referenced three times inside the settings.js file.

    // By default, all user data is stored in the Node-RED install directory. To
    // use a different location, the following property can be used
    //userDir: '/home/nol/.node-red/',

    // Node-RED scans the `nodes` directory in the install directory to find nodes.
    // The following property can be used to specify an additional directory to scan.
    //nodesDir: '/home/nol/.node-red/nodes',

    //httpStatic: '/home/nol/node-red-static/',
    httpStatic: "C://Users/OCM/.node-red/projects",

This is only an example and will not exist in your system. Instead you should use your home directory. Mine for instance (running on Windows 10) is C://Users/OCM

OCM is my username in windows. By the way, NOL is the username of Nick O'Leary


ohhh my goodness hahaha, "nol" is Nick O' Leary!

that makes perfect sense why it wouldnt be seen on my computer haha. Im not Nick O' Leary.

Appreciate the help!

Thanks Andrei,

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Rest assured you are not the first and won't be the last to ask that question.

But it happens rarely enough to not warrant changing anything :wink:


Or ln -s $HOME /home/nol
:-). Or not


I'm excited to be on the replying end of ridiculous questions like these someday, I aspire to be as merciful as you have been to me haha. I'm glad it was enjoyable.

I was certain these past two days that "nol" was some obscure http server location that was commonly known amongst those in the javascript community. but nope.


We've all been there! Well, except for Nick of course! :smile: