Where is the settings file in raspberry

I made a flow on the pc now I have to transfer everything to the rasberry. I can't find the .node-red folder.
if I give the command node-red-log it tells me that it is found under root.
but I connect to the raspberry with winscp and go under the root folder I don't see anything.
how do you see hidden folders with winscp.
thanks .


Also handy in Winscp is the Find Files button :wink:

To show hidden files Preferences -> Panels -> Show hidden files or shortcut Ctrl+Alt+H

here I do not see anything maybe there are hidden files.
I didn't quite understand how to do thanks again

Show us what you get when you start node red on the pi in a terminal. That will tell you where the files are.

I went in that path but I don't see the files with winscp

I have to find the .node-red folder.
but when I go to the root I don't see anything

ok I solved to see the hidden files below on the win scp bar there is a counter of hidden files you had to click on that ok thanks.

If this is on a Pi, it looks like you installed NR under root. That is not a good idea.

How did you install Node-RED on the Pi? Did you use the script as descriptive here https://nodered.org/docs/getting-started/raspberrypi?

yes I installed it with that script

How do you start node red?
Did you use sudo when you ran the install script?

everything works regularly

yes I installed it with that script

Yes, but did you use 'sudo' to run the script?

And how exactly do you start node red. Using node-red-start?

yes node-red-start

Although your answer is not clear, I'm assuming that you used 'sudo' to install node-RED using the script.
If that is the case, please run the installation script again, but DO NOT use sudo. Just run the script as described in the instruction.

@Paul-Reed I think that will cause him to have two installs won't it? It might be better to backup any flows (to a different device) he has written and IF there is not much else running, reflash the SD card and start over with a clead install al together. Once NR is installed, he can restore the flows he has made solar.

As far as I'm aware, the script will remove the old installation first, as it will acquire sudo rights to do so (I have been known to be wrong before!!)

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That is correct. The script uses sudo internally where it needs to in order to install node-red globally. The script will replace the systemd scripts which currently say to run as root with ones specifying the user running the script. The folder root/.node-red may get left lying around, I don't know, but it won't be used by anything.

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