HELP with node red installation

Hello Everyone,

I have a new raspberry pi device the problem which I am facing is as follows:

  1. When I start the device then I find out that Node-red is already installed in the device.So, when I run
    "sudo apt-get install nodejs npm" command then I find out that command again install node-red into different folder. So, I am confused that when I start the node -red so sometimes it takes different settings of different folder.
  2. So, please help how can I solve the problem.

Have you tried running the script from the raspberry pi page in the docs?

That will ensure you have the recommended versions of nodejs npm as well as updating to the latest version of Node-RED

I followed these steps which is described here
and also in that it says 'If you don't have Node-red installed' but in raspberry pi node red is already installed. I did factory reset many times but still Node-red is in this folder "/usr/lib/node_modules/node-red"

That page says “if you decide NOT to use the script”
run the command that you tried.

The suggestion is to run the script. Try running the script and see what you get. It should delete any preinstalled versions and install the updated ones correctly.