Whether the ".config.json" file has been deprecated?

I saw the following code in \node-red\packages\node_modules\@node-red\runtime\lib\storage\localfilesystem\settings.js, Code comments shows the .config.json file has been removed in 1.3+ . #31

    const nodesFilename = getSettingsFilename("nodes");
    if (fs.existsSync(nodesFilename)) {
        // We have both .config.json and .config.nodes.json
        // Use the more recently modified. This handles users going back to pre1.2
        // and up again.
        // We can remove this logic in 1.3+ and remove the old .config.json file entirely
        const fsStatNodes = await fs.stat(nodesFilename);
        const fsStatGlobal = await fs.stat(globalSettingsFile);
        if (fsStatNodes.mtimeMs > fsStatGlobal.mtimeMs) {
            // .config.nodes.json is newer than .config.json - no migration needed

And I did not find this file in User dir and $HOMEPATH/.Node-Red. But I noticed that red.js uses this file when loading configuration files. #107 #110

else {
    if (fs.existsSync(path.join(process.env.NODE_RED_HOME,".config.json"))) {
        // NODE_RED_HOME contains user data - use its settings.js
        settingsFile = path.join(process.env.NODE_RED_HOME,"settings.js");
    } else if (process.env.HOMEPATH && fs.existsSync(path.join(process.env.HOMEPATH,".node-red",".config.json"))) {
        // Consider compatibility for older versions
        settingsFile = path.join(process.env.HOMEPATH,".node-red","settings.js");
    } else {...

SO... Whether the ".config.json" file has been deprecated?

Node-RED 1.2 (October 2020) changed how we store the runtime settings. The .config.json was split into multiple files to better separate the different things that get stored in there.

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