Which javascript version for Webstorm

Hi all,

Could anyone please tell me which version I should choose ?

ECMAScript 5.1
ECMAScript 6+
React JSX

This is to help find a js error that blows up in the browser before the first debugger statement.

The error I get is:
VM1950:34 Uncaught TypeError: {(intermediate value)(intermediate value)(intermediate value)(intermediate value)(intermediate value)} is not a function

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Which version you want depends on the browser you are using.

Here is a mapping table I put at the top of my .eslintrc.js file to remind me what versions to use:

/** JavaScript Versions
 * 5 is minimum -> Last IE11
 * 6 = 2015 -> Node >8.10, iOS12+
 * 7 = 2016 -> FF78+, 
 * 8 = 2017 -> Node 10.9+
 * 9 = 2018 -> Node 12.11+

Virtually all browsers now support at least v6 aka v2015.

REACT and Flow are not JS versions, they are something else.

Thank you.