Why can this component only support two alarm conditions and multiple event conditions

Do you know how to write this configuration file

Please tell us which node you are using. Possibly node-red-contrib-something.

node-red-contrib-cx-alarm-log This component

I see you asked the same question on the node`s GitHub page, and the author has not responded.

I haven't received a response yet to my question under the author's GitHub

I suspect you will have to look for a different solution to your problem.

Have you found a solution yet

I am not looking for a solution. I do not use that node or have such a requirement.

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Do you have any good PLC collection, monitoring, and alarm plans

No, I don't use PLCs.

I suggest that you start by searching the forum for Alarms. If that doesn't help then start a new thread with a relevant subject and explain exactly what you are trying to do. Perhaps someone with experience in this area will be able to help

Do you have any good noded universal monitoring and alarm plugins

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