Why do I have 8 configuration nodes for node-wemo?

I created a wemo input node last weekend for my wemo motion sensor in a new subflow that I named "Motion Triggers". However, I could not get the input node to work. Whenever I tripped the motion sensor, I'd watch the debug output and nothing would come out. In messing with the setup yesterday, I created a test flow with a new wemo input node for the motion sensor and the new node/flow was working.

I had some weird issues going on however. My first deploy of the test flow with the new input node complained that there was an unused wemo config node (associated with the new wemo input node/flow, so I added a copy of a wemo output node to that flow and then I was able to deploy without the unused config node warning. When I reviewed the config nodes however, I noticed that I had 8 wemo config nodes. That didn't seem right, so I think there's a problem causing the creation of all these config nodes. I don't know whether I've somehow mucked up the config (because I don't know what I'm doing) or whether there's an issue with wemo config nodes in general.

It seems that anytime I add a wemo node to a new flow or sometimes just a new wemo node in general, the device select list is empty and I have to click the pencil button to add devices to the device select list. Is that a bug or am I doing something wrong? Should I be dragging new wemo input/output nodes from the left panel or should I be creating nodes in some other way?

Just so you get an idea of what I'm talking about, I created a screen recording that shows all my wemo config nodes. There are a few things to note in the recording. In the recording, I hover over the config nodes to highlight the nodes in the flows they're associated with. The max devices in any particular config node appears to be 3 but note that I have 6 wemo devices (5 sockets and one motion sensor). Even though each config node says there are 3 (I assume) "devices" that it has configured, their select lists have more than 3 devices in them. There are 2 global config nodes, each with 1 device and there's one config node I show at the end of the recording which has 2 copies of the front door sensor (the motion sensor), one of which doesn't appear to work, hence it's outline is dotted.

Here's the screen recording:

Can anyone advise me on how to fix all this?

For some reason the screen recording won’t play embedded on this forum page for me. However when I right click and open it in a new window, it plays fine.

Can't help with problem but to view video on Win10/Chrome I had to right-click - copy video address - and then open that url in new tab

So is there something I could be doing inappropriately that is causing all these config nodes to be created? Or is this an issue with the wemo node code?