Do not add more than one config of the same type

Hello my dear masters. As seen in the picture, after adding a config node, no other option to add will appear, if the first node is deleted, the addition will be active. Is there a way to do this?

Hi @sercancetin

No, there is no way to limit it to only allow a single config node to be created.

There is a mode that requires each flow node to have its own config node, but that isn't what you're asking for.

So what is that option? Have an example? Thank you for your interest.

It isn't a documented feature - so I'd be wary of recommending it as it isn't very well exercised.

But you can see it in action with the node-red-node-swagger set of nodes. They allow you to add API documentation to the HTTP In nodes. But each HTTP In node must have its own swagger doc node.

It is enabled by setting the exclusive flag on the config node definition.

The editor then allows you to only create/delete a single config node for each consuming node

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