Problem using more nodes/expanding nodes (currently 47 nodes)


I am using Node Red for a year now, without any problems. I have about 12 flows, since I am working on my latest flow I receive the message "Deploy failed: no response from server", when I deploy the configuration. I did some further testing and I now figured out that when I remove one node from any other flows, I can add one node to any flow, when I then hit deploy, the configuration is "Successfully deployed". If I wan to add two nodes, then I have to remove two nodes somewhere else.

It looks like there is a maximum or limitation on the amount of nodes?


There is no limitation by the software. We have runtimes with thousands of nodes running without any problems.

It is more likely there's a problem with one of your nodes blocking during redeploy. Do you have any custom nodes installed?

There is a limit to the default API request body size. 5Mb iirc.

There is an option in the settings file to increase that limit.

changed the setting apiMaxLength: in settings.js file from 5mb to 100mb, no result

had one custom node, remove it, no difference. I am using that node for months without any problems.

I am now using about 47 nodes in total.

Issue raised here Problem using more nodes/expanding nodes (currently 47 nodes) · Issue #3050 · node-red/node-red · GitHub

Let's pick one place to discuss the problem and stick to it.

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