Help! "Flows stopped due to missing node types"

Help! I am brand new to Node Red. I've been running Webcore on my Hubitat for years and love it, but wanted to try this out. It was working fine until I imported the example from node-red-contrib-alexa-home-skill, and now I get this warning. "Flows stopped due to missing node types - wemo-dev". I only had two flows. I deleted one, and erased everything in the other, but this keeps popping up now. What do I do?

BTW, this is on a fresh install of Buster/Node Red on a Raspberry Pi 3.

[EDIT] I may have figured it out. I loaded the wemo package from the palette.

Then, when I created a new flow, it came up with the account name that came with the example, so I deleted that account.

Ok, not the end of the world.

Though it is weird if it used to work how the node disappeared.

Top right menu button - the burger menu in/on the node-red screen. (NOT the browser one!)

Click on it.
Go down to manage palette Then select install from the 3 options.

Enter the name of the node (or that which you know). In this case.. wemo-deb.
You should be shown a list of best fit by name of the nodes.

Select the one you want/need.
Say install and all should be fine.

Apparently the demo I imported used the wemo plugin. I was finally able to find the name of the account and delete which solved the problem. Unfortunately, another flow I imported now wants ui_group and ui_tab, so I've got another account to delete. :frowning:

[EDIT] I found the parts I need to delete. :smiley:


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