Why doesn't Telegram Node work on Node Red Version V2.2.2

Does anyone knows why i can't use telegram node using V2.2.2 but i can use the telegram node on V1.2.9. Much Help would be appreciated!

Thanks for the help!

Which telegram node? Can you provide the full name and details on what you see?

I'm using Telegram quite happily on both Windows and Debian on Node-RED v2.2.2

I have a similar issue, but not related to the version, simply on two different instances of node-red both on v2.2.2. On one instance the telegram bot works perfectly, on the other one, it seems to fail. However, it is difficult to know why because I receive no log, nor error message after the telegram node is used.

Are you using the same bot on both?

Have you checked the console output of node-red?

You could raise an issue on the repository

I am using this version of telegram

Steps done to try debugging:

after downloading telegram palette and dragging it into the workspace, i get this error upon deploying

I also get this when looking at the palettes

I am on Ubuntu core 16 running the Node-RED snap

Hello, i found out when using Aedes broker and Telegram Bot, they do not work together. Thus resulting in an error given above. Does any know why this happen?

Much help appreciated!!

No idea as I don't use that broker. But I notice that you are using a snap - doesn't that do some isolation on the network?

@TotallyInformation No it doesn't on my site

Thank You!

JFI (I don't use telegram normally) I installed node-red-contrib-telegrambot onto my standard Windows11 NR (which already had Aedes installed) and it looks to have installed fine

Hi @cymplecy , installation is fine for us , but when deploying the Aedes Broker on Node Red with the Telegram Node, it does not deploy properly as shown.

aah - sorry - can't help any further :frowning:
Need someone with a working Telegram install to add in and deploy an Aedes broker to see what happens

@cymplecy Thanks a lot :grin: :grin:

Yes, sorry but that isn't happening here. I don't use Aedes and don't have time to mess about with such an install as I already have Mosquitto as my live broker.

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