Why i got this ip?

Hi guys, i dont know much about node-red, but i have just installed dashboard and mi ip is this one :!/0?socketid=FrUow3jN7G_uHg9cAAAB

is this a bug or a problem?


Hi, thank you for your answer, but my question is not why i have the localhost ip. I dont know why i have this one [#!/0?socketid=FrUow3jN7G_uHg9cAAAB]

Let's say the dashboard contains a built-in api, where "#! / 0" or "#! / 1" point to elements within an array (each tab you have created)
and "? Socketid = FrUow3jN7G_uHg9cAAAB" points to a Socket for inserting data in real time

Thank you very much!

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