Why my flow gets deleted on its on?

I am implementing a flow that takes data from my code and store it in a CSV file, but there is a strange thing that is happening . When I opened it again after a couple of days it was deleted on its own.

If someone would help solving this isssue. It would be great.

Welcome to the forums @AhmedElbahat

Please can you provide the following?

  • Is your Node RED accessible on the internet
  • What security measures have you taken
  • What version of node RED, NodeJS and what server/OS/device is Node RED running on?

In all likeliness, you have left your Node-RED open to the internet and as such, it has been abused.

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Yes it accessible on the internet .
It should only be accessible to the people that have the URL that I created .
The version is 1.2.9

Read the linked threads. It takes virtually no time from appearing online to being abused.

Very very old - needs updating.

you are also likely using a very old, and unsafe/unsupported version of NodeJS (you should be using NodeJs v18.19.x at minimum)

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I think you know what this might mean @AhmedElbahat.

It doesn’t take a URL to find an open Node RED instance.

Take the server off-line, secure it correctly (a “secret” URL is not a security measure)

Jump to the FAQs category here to learn ways to secure it

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