Why NodeRed is calling for synch process

Hi everyone, I am quite new with NodeRed therefore, please bear with me. I have a situation that NodeRed flows linked to synchronization with EBS platform are triggered automatically every 6 hours.

Is there a way to check why and where this setup is stored.

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I think you need to provide more information about the problem so it is easier for us to understand what you mean.

Thanks @Colin .

Well I use NodeRed to export and import data and for that reason I have manually triggered a flow which then export data from one tool and then imports to another. The reason for manual trigger is on purpose until have reached stability.

Since a while, NodeRed started executing the flow automatically despite the fact that nothing was set from my end and not able to find how and from where exactly that is triggered from and within NodeRed?

If you share your flow we can take a look and tell you.

You can export your flow using CTRL-E, copy to clipboard & paste it in a reply.

NOTE: to make code more readable and importable it is important to surround your code with three backticks
like this

See this post for more details - How to share code or flow json

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