Why NR asking for sudo passw? (OrangePi zero)

Hi, I've created the user pi and added it to sudoers (but not on root group), I've installed NR under this user, recently it started asking me password during boot, why? Maybe a module needs that?
After putting passowrd I have a "Starting as a systemd service"

In order to start Node-red as a systemd service, the node-red-start script calls sudo systemctl start nodered. This is the step that is asking for your sudo password.

If you want to avoid this prompt, either setup passwordless sudo for the pi user or else use sudo systemctl enable nodered (once) which will start Node-red automatically when the device boots.

ps I have been using Node-red for several years and this is the first time I have ever used node-red-start and node-red-stop.
Instead I use sudo systemctl enable node-red, sudo systemctl stop nodered, etc

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thank you for your kind reply :slight_smile: for now I don't need to start it automatically, as I'm testing other things and sometimes I reboot. The solution is to call NR with node-red instead of node-red-start, in this case it doesn't ask for pasword :slight_smile:

The advantage of using node-red-start is that you don't have to keep the terminal window with node-red running in it open. You can break out of the log that is shown when you run node-red-start and node-red will keep running in the background.
Also, as suggested, if you run sudo systemctl enable nodered then it will start for you automatically on boot so you don't have to do anything at all. Then you can restart node-red if you need to using
or just

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Thank you my dear friends, the question was silly, the problem comes because distractly I used once node-red and later node-red-start, I've made confusion with Windows, I haven't known there is node-red also for linux and could start it without the service, so I guessed it was a module asking for a permission.
All ok :slight_smile:

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