Widget Text colour

I want to change the widget text colour in the widget settings.
I could do this via themes and the STYLE Custom, but then this applies to everything.
I only want to change the font colour in one ui dashboard UI_form. e.g. via a template.
Can anyone assist me to solve this chalange?

The text is almost unreadable.
THX Marc

You have already overrides applied to dashboard CSS. So you should have some knowledge how to do it. Use the browser developer developer tools to identify the element and its classes and override where needed.
I think you have started you modification with light theme but you have then added background image kind of more dark so the dark theme as base would be better choice.

Hi hotNipi
you're right.
I can change almost anything. The text which is entered in the ui form is also in a different color. But I can't find the labels which are displayed in the ui form.
They change when I adapt the styles, but I could not find anything with the browser developer tools which points to the lable off the UI_form for example the word "Passwort"
I had hoped that there was someone who could delve deeper into CSS. I have too little knowledge for that. I do not know enough about the CSS and what could be possible with other tools.

Try those:

.nr-dashboard-theme .nr-dashboard-form form md-input-container label {
    color: #ff2b2b;
.nr-dashboard-theme md-content .nr-dashboard-form form md-input-container .md-input {
    color: #009083;
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Thank you very much :clap: :+1:
I was very close to it, I could change the input text with ".nr-dashboard-theme md-content .nr-dashboard-form form md-input-container .md-input", but I could not find label

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