WIKI Article on Analysing and improving Node-RED performance

Hi all, as mentioned in the forum post Easy way to remove lag?, a new WIKI article has been created as a holding point for information regarding analysing the performance of Node-RED (both the server and front-end browser aspects) along with hints and tips on improving performance, some nodes that might be helpful and links to other articles.

If you have any information, hints, tips, etc to contribute, please do so. We are looking to build up a body of knowledge that can eventually be moved into the official documentation.

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Nice write up, however you jump to glances which is a cpu hog by itself and requires installation.

I would suggest to refer to standard OotB linux tools (for rasp users); top, htop, vmstat. I mean once you see node-red at (the) top you know which process is causing it.

In addition I think it is not clear to users how much data should flow through flows and some education might be needed to clarify that the idea is to transfer only the essential data and not whole books of objects (which defeats the non-blocking idea behind nodejs)

Hi, I mention glances because it is a lot easier to use for people with limited knowledge of Linux, I also like its warnings, especially for swap issues. Yes, it is a bit of a hog but you typically only run it for a short while so not usually an issue.

Please feel free to expand on top, atop, htop if you like. vmstat might be useful but again likely needs some explaining - it is rather 'minimal' shall we say :slight_smile: Not so useful for many people who aren't Linux experts.

It isn't clear, nor is it easy to explain. Also, there are so many use-cases. But if you can add clarity, please do so. The more the merrier, this needs input from lots of people and the WIKI is open for all to edit.