Wildcard in http-in node (catch-all mode)


Do you have any plans to extend http-in node to have a catch-all mode?

a wildcard url like http://somesite.com/subdir/*

to catch all requests to

http://somesite.com/subdir/foo/bar... .... baz/?something=foo&otherthing=bar

so one can process msg.req.url string for more fine grained routing.

currently i'm using named parameters like http://somesite.com/subdir/:level1/:level2/:level3/:level4/ ..


Have you tried setting the path field to /subdir/* ? That already does what you are asking for.

The only caveat is that it will not handle a request for /subdir - it needs the trailing / to match.

If you want to handle /subdir as well, then you can use /subdir/?*

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Wow! thank you.

I don't know how i couldn't figure that out. :smiley:

That's exactly what i wanted.

Thanks a lot.