Will there be a new discourse for the flowforge product line?


Do you plan on running a discourse for the new FlowForge setup now that you have a working product ?

Git's great for bugs etc - but does not really work to build a knowledgebase or interactive Q&A environment


We will have something soon. But we specifically don't want to abuse our position in the NR community by using this forum for our own ends.

Yep exactly my thoughts - but would be great to see a decent forum for something as important as you are doing rather than just Git issues etc.


They are still a very small team - and no doubt this will happen - just it can't all happen at once. And as a commercial entity they won't get to use other peoples platforms for free - which will need incoming revenue to fund etc... so - small steps.

PS - I am not part of Flowforge so I can't actually speak on their behalf - but I do know they are somewhat busy right now :slight_smile:


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