Wipe and re-install NodeRed on windows


I seem to be having issues updating a node (Blocky) on my Win10 machine so I'd like to nuke it from orbit and start again

What to I need to do to remove it?

Simply delete c:\users\Simon.node-red folder ? (having made copies of my existing flows 1st of course)




Slightly less drastic (to start with). Check if you have a package.json in your .node-red dir. if so then edit it manually to remove blocky. Then delete the node_modules directory. Then run npm i to reinstall any other modules. And then restart Node-RED.

If that fails then yes. Go for the big delete.



npm i and big delete made no diff
Turns out to be some sort of wierd browser issue

I normally use Vivaldi to edit my flows and its showing up old version of the Blockly node

But when I tried viewing it in Chrome - it shows the latest version

Very weird



I just went into Vivaldi settings and completely cleared all history/cache - did a shift-F5 just for luck and now its fine in Vivaldi as well

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