Wiz node-red-contrib-wiz-local-control

I'm trying to control some Wiz lights and found this palette however there isn't a lot of information on it.
It is asking for a interface which I found a post that this is the network, but i'm not sure what to put in this field. I'm running NodeRed in a docker on linux.

Anyone using this that might know what I could use or how to figure this out?


Before going down that route - you might want to check out this thread

I think @cymplecy has achieved it without any external Nodes.

But if you wanted to go down the external Node route, my guess is, this is the interface that the UDP return packets should be received on.

I know nothing about WIZ or Docker, so wouldn't know how you get the lan interface that Docker is using


@marcus-j-davies This is exactly what I needed and works without the external node. Thank you I appreciate it!!!

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