Local control of home devices - Wiz

Following someone's hint on Mastodon that Wiz devices could be controlled locally, I bought a Wiz GU10 to test out

I set up it using their app (usual thing that all smart devices have) couldn't see anything about local control in that or on their website but a bit of googling lead to
which lead me to install ncap on my win 11 machine and these two command lines switch it off and on! :slight_smile:

C:\Users\siwal>echo {"id":1,"method":"setState","params":{"state":false}} | ncat -u -w 1 38899

C:\Users\siwal>echo {"id":1,"method":"setState","params":{"state":true}} | ncat -u -w 1 38899

Just trying to use the UDP node in NR but my first attempt doesn't work

If anyone has a good guess as to how I can get it working in NR I'd be very grateful

[edit] I have it working via exec node but feel that's a hammer solution :slight_smile:
[edit2] I was over-thinking - you just send it the JSON as a string :slight_smile:


Never heard of them :slight_smile:

Neither had I but I seem to be gleaning owning company once were the Phillips Lighting division

I've ordered one of their switches to play with

Never could stomach the cost of the Phillips Hue lights. Happy with my Ikea Zigbee lights and switches. Always felt that Home Automation shouldn't cost the earth.

That's what comes of being a naturalised Yorkshireman :rofl:

Never could stomach the cost of the Phillips Hue lights.

and recently they changed their policy that their lights/hub requires a cloud account for some unknown reason.

I have both hue and ikea bulbs (and their dimmer switches) and they perform equally well, pair it with a sonoff zigbee dongle and zigbee2mqtt, working quite well. I opted to only use zigbee to keep things simple. Only have some trv's left which are zwave.

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Philips announced the requirement and everyone screamed. Don't know if they totally backed off the requirement or haven't fully implemented it but at this time the threatened required account is still not implemented at least in this area.

One of things about these Wiz devices that I like is the ability to use both Alexa direct speech commands/app control and local UDP

It helps the rest of my family in the fact that they can simply command each device using Alexa to do exactly what they want

As opposed to the luck of the draw when they say - "Alexa, go into dad's nighttime mode" hoping to switch off downstairs lights except for low red overnight light in dining room and its pure luck if I haven't messed up my flows :slight_smile:

Just received a Wiz switch and that works fine using same UDP commands as the light switch - except it doesn't change colour :slight_smile:

FYI Although I've used their app to set up the devices, I've not created an account with them and I can still use their app to control the devices as well as UDP

I've been well sucked into the Wiz Universe

I've always wanted my Christmas lights outside to respond to Cheerlights colour

Hopefully I can control these just like the light bulb :slight_smile:

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Wow, 12 lamps for best part of £100 (£87 with current discount). And it needs a good WiFi connection so I'd struggle at the moment anywhere in the garden.

I didn't count them :slight_smile: - only 12 :frowning:

I haven't got a big front garden they should look OK :slight_smile:

But the advantage of Amazon is that I can always send them back :slight_smile:

I'm assuming the WiFI bit will be indoors but my router/AP is in the from room close to the window so should be OK if not :slight_smile:

For years I've been meaning to run some waterproof neopixels but never got around to it so this is just my attempt at a shortcut :slight_smile:


:grinning: Yup, I know that feeling!

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These are what your are looking for aliexpress ?

I've had some in my drawer for years :slight_smile:
Tested them out and got a NR flow to control them and everything and had them running down the side of house

But just never got them set up out the front garden :slight_smile:

I keep meaning to put some lights up too - maybe this year :wink:

I just saw these, could really go to town with them !


Last christmas I had a bunch of Wemos D1 minis with the circle of 7 LEDs shield. Lovely subtle and restrained display.
Now I find almost all of the ESPs have been nicked for other projects.

There's a dozen Adafruit individual neopixels too. Can't find any of those at all.

Bah humbug.

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Yes - got some - they are nice and would be good as tree lights :slight_smile:

I use one on my desk coupled to a PiPico as my cheerlights colour monitor :slight_smile:

I only have 2 Hue bulbs left to remove.
Lighting around my house is controlled with zwave RGB controllers (as I have different brightness levels in use)

I can’t tap into the light circuit for the kitchen currently, hence the smart bulb use, so wiz sounds interesting.

My Wiz outside string lights have arrived and also respond to local UDP commands just like an RGB bulb

I haven't worked out how (or if its possible) to change the colour of each bulb indiviually (the app can do that so I hope that I can) but I can make them all follow the cheerlights colour so that's my main aim achieved :slight_smile:

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So now I'm confused, I've been following the thread and decided to look into the wiz thing. The info I see suggests wiz is a philips product but yet most in here don't want philips. Am I missing something?