World-map incon disapears when changing page

Hi, I could need some help with the node-red-contrib-web-worldmap 2.15.5. I am a bit novice in node-red but im trying as hard as i can so bare with me :slight_smile:

I have managed to setup a map with some icons that i have hardcoded so that they are always visible.
But som icon i wnat to change. I have managed to change a icon from red to blue.. But i dont manage to make them stay there if I change page. They disapear and only reaper if i activate them again..

There must ba a simle way to keep them stay there.. or hide them? I have been looking for a function where i could inject and reactivate the icon IF ""something"" is enabled and so on..

Like IF positive flank "variable" set inject to function that shows icon (And let th icon stay there) Booldy anoying i must say)

There is nothing at the browser end to save anything so any items you wish to save must be saved at your sending end (Node-RED) and must be resent when a browser connects or refreshes... the worldmap in node can detect a new browser connecting and you can use that connect event to re-send whatever items you want.

Thanks for answering.. Ok think i understand what you mean. The "connected" node i have used to make my icons "live" from my side. But if i just connect the "connect event node" to an icon its gonna stay there even if I wnat to hide it.. Imagine me wanting to change between red or blue dot.. Lets say i recieve an input thats "TRUE" and then I want to light up the blue icon. Thats fine but where do I put in the "connect event" just for that "blue dot"

If i had a function with "enable" input this would be solved i think.

If input 1 = True
"enable connected event"

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