Worldmap: Change Color and Size of Icon Name

hi, im new to Node-Red and Worldmap and playing around with NATO Symbols and some GPS Tracking. Just set al this up and mak an small flow. dLooks pretty good right now:


But can I change the color of the Icon Name? Black on dark satelite Image ist not so good to see. Is ist possible to change color and size? Used "Color" in payload, but this just changes color of trackes and direction indicators. And as you can see the name is not complete at first Letter.

This is my function which creats payload:

var newMsg = { payload: {
        "name" : msg.payload.deviceName,
        "lat": msg.payload.object.Lat, 
        "lon" : msg.payload.object.Lon,
        "SIDC": "SFGPUCII----",
        "color": "#FF0000",
        "options": { "fillOpacity":0.8 },
return newMsg;


you should be able to use just about all of the options under the style section here - milsymbol/docs at master · spatialillusions/milsymbol · GitHub - so options: { infoColor: "white" } ought to do it - or maybe just add a solid border - outlineWidth:15

Ok, thanks this works fine


some idea to show first letter komplete? should be an "M", missing first vertical line.

Just setting an small outlineWidth in an dark color?

edit: Ok just find out how :slight_smile:

using infoSize

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