Worldmap Tracks

Hi, i'm working with worldmap-tracks and i need to change the color of the lines of every marker, I've read that it is possible to change the color, width and other options, but until now i can't find one example of how can i change those propertys, I've changed the color of the icon but lines still printing in red, every help is welcome, thanks

I think you just need to set msg.payload.lineColor to the #rrggbb color you want.

Hi, thanks for the reply, I already did it, or kind of

msg.payload = {
  "name": "Jason",
  "iconColor": "Blue",
  "lineColor": "#000", //"rgb(4, 106, 255)" or "Blue"
  "icon": "globe",
  "lat": latitud,
  "lon": longitud,
  "layer": "GPS",
  "draggable": true

And the line still printing in red, I don't know if is the correct way

@JhazMedina I have the same issue, similar code, red lines.

I have tried different ways and still red lines printing, I don't know what to do, i have to show it tomorrow

Apologies to all - the property you need is just color:"#000";
I'll fix the docs

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Thank you so much, it works perfectly!