Worldmap - Navigation lines from openrouteservice - delete and color

I want to delete and change color of lines on the Worldmap.

For the color I tried the msg.color:"#4B0082" it stay red, is this the wrong property?

For the deletion of the line I tried msd.delete:"", msd.delete:"true", what is the correct way to delete the line?

Also want to change the line width, can you?

For the flow you need to get a token from, the API call I make give you navigation between two points.
Insert it in "Token".

You need to add the "Profile" can be any of Options ""driving-car","driving-hgv","cycling-regular","cycling-road","cycling-mountain","cycling-electric","foot-walking","wheelchair""

Right click on map and add waypoint "Start" and waypoint "End".

Click on "GET NAV"

Rout gets drawn on map

Look at the debug msg "openrouteservice" and there are quit a list of properties.

flows.json (11.4 KB)

As per the readme you can add other to set colour etc GitHub - dceejay/RedMap: A web map app for Node-RED to put blobs on

To delete something you need msg.payload with a name property of the thing to be deleted and a deleted property set to true.

The worldmap already has a routing service built in - if you turn on the drawing layer and draw a line between points, when you finish the line you have the option to route it instead, which will find the nearest road route and return the polyline for that.