Worldmap - display info above icon

Looked at the Worldmap page and did a search on here (and Google).... Cant seem to find what I am looking to do....

I use Worldmap to plot the position of aircraft that my tracking system picks up.
What I would like to do is add the aircraft call sign next to the icon of each aircraft so that I know what I am looking at, rather than having to click all the planes in an area to find the one I want from its respective info popup.

Edit. An acceptable alternative would be if I could just display each icons pop up all the time, rather than having to click on the icon to bring it up.


To be more clear.... The msg.payload.popped is the way to keep the icon open, but when you have more than one icon on the page (I often track 500 planes) only one plane has popup box open and it is stuck in the lower right corner of the map. The map can not be used, nor can other planes be clicked on.

It seems like a bug?

Dont think that is a bug. Check the cpu/core load when this occurs. .

The version of leaflet I use only allows one popup to be open at a time.
You can mouseover and see the name rather than have to click. but yeah...

It's not hard for me to add a .label property to show a permanent label but I need to do some paid for work first... I hope this is "acceptable".


Whoa! This is beautiful!!!!
Wish I could pay you to make this happen
Yes, that would be great and fully understand that we have day jobs.

@realjax Your right.... The whole system ginds when you turn on popped.
It needs to be just the one plane you click on.

Is there a 'on clicked' msg.payload option? How can we tell the flow which plane you just clicked on?

the worldmap in node reports various events including clicked.

it will happen - when i get a chance to test and release.

Published as version 1.5.21

That version is not under my 'manage palette' yet, so I will Google how to install it.

Again, thanks.

Also, I got the on-click event happening, so I just need to figure out how to feed the aircraft information I have back into the popup.... too much fun!

EDIT: @dceejay Got the labels working! Fantastic! Thanks so much.

Soooo much easier now to see the flight of interest.

Screenshot of final result please !

@dceejay My pleasure!

We use your ADSB flow to get the data from Dump1090 and plot it on worldmap.
The 'extra' is that I also use Node-RED to decode ACARS and VDL data.
The plan is to be able to click on an aircraft and have it pull up the messages that these two systems have recorded over the past few hours for that flight.

Here is a close up showing the three types of labels.

You can see the ADSB aircraft with the short labels. They just picked up from your flow their call sign and that is enough for them.
The ACARS data is a bit tricky to pull that, so we use the flightaware API to pull their flight and not much else, but there is that nice hyperlink for each one.

We have a network of about 12 Raspberry Pi's all feeding into Node-RED.

I am so looking forward to when I can figure out how to take that Woldmap in node and pull the data I have for each aircraft.
There are a bunch of aviation guys that use the site each day... so it's a lot more than one guy you are making very happy.

Again, thanks for the quick turn on a new feature.

Heh, Only one image per post for new users.....
Here is the area we cover.

From San Diego (and over the border) to Los Angles to Las Vegas to Phoenix.
We track around 800 a day.

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This is awesome. I have a flow that plots the locations of all of the buses and rail vehicles in my area. Now I can have the labels showing which is very useful.


Great work guys ! I love a good map.. I may try to adjust the position slightly for the default map marker shape case.