Worldmap history

I've got worldmap running but I would like it to store history, is a database the only way to do this?
If so, does anyone have any examples for me to work with as I know virtually nothing about databases.


the worldmap is just a renderer of map data so has no built in storage or history. Being hooked into Node-RED there are of course multiple different ways you could store that history - in memory, files or various different databases. In general I would store data into the storage at the same time as sending to the map so I always had a live view. But your use case may well differ.

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I’ve used the combination worldmap/influxdb before, where I would send the location info from the gps device directly to influx, and poll that database from Node-RED and plot to the worldmap.

I should add that I did this with the gps tracker running on an ESP32 based device, which would only poll and send out data to a remote influxdb instance. At the time of testing I had it connected over Bluetooth with my phone and use my phone’s movie connection to send it out but this will be LoRa based in the (near) future instead.

But take a look in the flows library at the influxdb nodes to see if something like that would suit you.

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i've currently got it set up with owntracks providing GPS data from our mobiles via MQTT which works fine for live data, but accessing a week or two historic data would be nice.

Unfortunately, I have little knowledge on node-red and no knowledge whatsoever in databases. Because of this, i'm wondering if i'm better off using a txt file to write into and read from but not sure how to write the function nodes to correctly format the file.

I’ve only read documentation but no experience of my own, but doesn’t owntracks have options too for saving location data?

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Unfortunately not.

Thanks anyway.