Worldmap how to send several Markers

Does anybody have an example of how to send several locations to the worldmap node? Say I wanted to populate the map with 10 markers. I have the formatting working for one location no problem but do not see any info on what it needs to see for several locations at once.

This is what my array is shaped like that needs to go into the map...


As per the readme, markers need a name , lat and lon properties. If you justvrename yours to be correct it should just work

Yes I sent through a change node to rename them and it worked fine. Thank you. I just saw no documents stating it could take an array. Newbie here!~ Do you know how to clear the map?

Good point. Will update readme.
There is a clear command further down to clear a complete layer.

Not sure I am using a layer so if I dont name a layer will it clear all?

If you don’t specify they should be on the unknown layer

Thank you @dceejay