[worldmap] Is it possible to completely prevent the popup when a marker is clicked?

I have been trying to prevent the popup being displayed for a marker when it's clicked. With circles, I can simply set clickable to false and the popup is not displayed. But clickable seems to have no effect for markers. I also tried setting popup to false and "" but that didn't help.

Is what I'm trying to do possible?

There is a property for Areas, Rectangles, Lines, Circles and Ellipses to allow popup called clickable true/false. This may apply to markers to

Scratch that , must finish reading sentences

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currently you are correct... but indeed not an unreasonable request... will look to add it.

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Many thanks @dceejay.

Now in v2.35.0 - setting clickable:false will apply to markers as well

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Many thanks @dceejay, that works splendidly. :smiley:

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