Worldmap - Start lat and lon

I'm struggling with injecting a start lat and lon into the worldmap node. My GNSS receiver could be anywhere globally so when it starts feeding data into the node I'd like the map to jump to that location. At the moment it jumps to southern England. Not that there's anything wrong with southern England but my test receiver is in Calgary, Canada so I have some scrolling to do to get there!


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There's many things wrong with southern England ..... :slight_smile:

tsk tsk :open_mouth:


Just set it in the actual config panel for the node. You can set location, zoom, map layer, etc etc

But that's a static value, dceejay. If my GNSS receiver is moved to another location I have to modify the values in the config panel each time. Why not take initial map position data from a data stream. It is already there so why not use it?

I am having the same issue. I"ll take another attempt at getting it to work.

So either the pan to option, or use a command as per the docs to move to a saved position triggered by a connect event from the worldmap-in node

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