Worldmap Zoom level

Hi guys,

Anybody know how to increase the mac zoom level of osm on Worldmap the max is 18 but from memory osm is capable of at least 20 or 22


I think maybe this is posted on the wrong forum. This forum is for node-red related matters.

I suspect that's an auto-corrected 'worldmap' at which point the question is perfectly valid for this forum - albeit one I don't know the answer to. One for @dceejay.

Yes the inventor of auto correct should be given a serious talking to :slight_smile:

Was that auto-corrected from “spanking”? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Beating would be more appropriate :slight_smile:

Though you should be able to edit/correct the title if it is incorrect…

I think the max for OSM is actually 19 - though you can let the viewer zoom in more and just scale in the browser.... This is zoom 21

Probably a bit too far in. 20 seems like a good max.

Pushed version v1.2.3 with higher maxZoom…

Awesome thanks much appreciated