Node-red-contrib-web-worldmap and IOS - Map not displayed

I'm new to the forum, so first of all.. Hi everyone!
I've been plaing around with home assistant for about 1 year now and almost immediately transitioned all my automation to node-red, its great, and somehow easy to use for someone like me who was doing only some simple coding many years ago at university.

Now to the topic... worldmap stopped being displayed on all my ios devices, I only see the tag "Node-RED - Map all the things", no matter the browser i use.
Everything is still working on my PC, I tried troubleshooting myself with no joy.

I'm running on a pi3, hassbian, and behind a nginx reverse proxy.

Hope someone can point me on the right direction



Have you updated the worldmap mode recently? If so have you flushed and refreshed the browser cache ? Which versions did nodejs, node-red and worldmap node are you using ?

I have the same problem on my iOS devices (Safari and Chrome for iOS) and on Safari 12.1.1 on Mac.
Instead Chrome for Mac works well.

Thanks in advance.


Yes I updated worldmap recently, refreshed cache etc., the error is persistent.

nodered --> v0.20.5
worldmap --> 2.0.16
node --> v10.16.0