Problem node-red-contrib-web-worldmap

Sorry for my poor English.

Problem == > I was able to access /World map, but I returned to the page of the UI dashboard and could not enter.
1.. Open the dashboard normally.

  1. I can access the page /World map normally.

  2. When you go back to the dashboard, I can't go back.

I'm asking for advice on how to solve the problem.
Thank you very much

shouldn't that be ... :1880/s2n/worldmap

I entered ..... : 1880/s2n/worldmap It can be used normally by looking at the map.
But what is unusual is It can't access the page.....:1880/s2n it's my dashboard.
..The problem is where when I link to .....:1880/s2n/worldmap It won't come back to this.....:1880/s2n,
I need to restart node-red-restart. only to be able to return to the dashboard

Can you please stop and start Node-red and copy and paste the startup log to a reply.

Thank you very much

It works fine now.

I edited as you suggested. node-red-stop
and restart node-red-start

18 Sep 00:26:31 - [info] [worldmap:eb8db753c228081d] started at /worldmap

it works fine

Thank you very much

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