Node-red-contrib-maps : maps - HOW TO

Guys , does anyone know how to use this node ? node-red-contrib-maps : maps

I am receiving data from an API of a map and its elements , I want to plot it in node red . Could you suggest a way to go about it ?

I will be drawing data from here : V2 - Flemish Banks Monitoring Network API

To gain access you will need to create an account here :

I see that node was last updated 3 years ago, while this one was last updated 3 weeks ago. The maintainer is a chap of some repute in the Node-red community too.

Can you achieve what you are after with the worldmap node? There are several examples built-in to the node and I've seen a few in this forum.

Thank you sir , I will go through it. This is very helpful.

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