Node-red-contrib-web-worldmap question - maps not loading on boot

(From my other thread but now I'm confused with this problem)

Forgive me if I am missing something, but on initial "set up" things were looking great.

I would inject a message and then look at the map. There would be a marker at the location I specified.


[{"id":"ec9da974.051b48","type":"inject","z":"f7d630bfc1b2f259","name":"EXAMPLE","props":[{"p":"payload"},{"p":"topic","vt":"str"}],"repeat":"","crontab":"","once":false,"onceDelay":"","topic":"","payloadType":"str","x":170,"y":110,"wires":[["f77a7ed4.f955d"]]},{"id":"f77a7ed4.f955d","type":"function","z":"f7d630bfc1b2f259","name":"Add person to map","func":"var thing = {\n    name:\"Me\", \n    lat: -33.8688,\n    lon: 151.2093,\n    icon:\"home\",\n    label:\"home\",\n    iconColor:\"darkred\",\n//    extrainfo:\"Hello to Jason Isaacs\"\n};\nmsg.payload = thing;\nreturn msg;","outputs":1,"noerr":0,"initialize":"","finalize":"","libs":[],"x":350,"y":110,"wires":[["f83930ff.b21488","e64c60c06227987f"]]},{"id":"f83930ff.b21488","type":"worldmap","z":"f7d630bfc1b2f259","name":"","lat":"-33.86","lon":"151.20","zoom":"14","layer":"OSMC","cluster":"18","maxage":"30","usermenu":"show","layers":"show","panit":"false","panlock":"false","zoomlock":"false","hiderightclick":"false","coords":"none","showgrid":"false","allowFileDrop":"false","path":"/worldmap","overlist":"DN,BU,SN,AC,TL","maplist":"OSMG,OSMC,OSMH,EsriC,EsriS,EsriT,EsriO,EsriDG,NatGeo,UKOS,OS45,OS00,OpTop","mapname":"","mapurl":"","mapopt":"","mapwms":false,"x":590,"y":110,"wires":[]}]

Inject, go to the page.... Blank blue screen.

I've seen this tread: Possible same problem

But I can't say.

It was suggested - there - to stop / start node-red and look at the log.
I didn't see the log post and it was "closed" with a It started working message.

If I look at the layer button (top right) it is OSM GREY.
Most other selections I get no map data available on the screen.

But if I (and it isn't happening this time - of course) mess around with it long enough it works.
Today as I am trying to understand what is wrong it is playing even more hard ball and simply not showing me the map - even if I inject messages with location messages.



Sorry... That is only if I select Esri.... The others give me their version of the blue screen.
(Be it blue, light blue, grey or what ever.)

The flow you posted has the map node set to use a custom map provider and then doesn't supply one so the default will be blank.. You need to configure the node vaguely correctly with a default base map, sensible start location and zoom level.

Ok. I changed the base map in the node's config.

Now working ok.

And now to the dumb question.

as in the provider doesn't support a base map? Ah, ok. Just the doesn't supply one threw me to what the one was.
In hindsight it is obvious, but there seems to be a serious problem with me and how I parse things. Sure that's my problem.

So now I have changed it to one that does support a base map the other will works.
(Just checked and it now seems to be working)

If OSM don't support a base map - as I had it selected in the flow I posted - why is it an option in the base map list?

OSM is a perfectly fine base map. But you didn’t set that. You set custom provider as your base map… and then didn’t provide a custom provider url …

I'm not trying to be difficult, but... (Sorry)

Well that's what I see when I edit/open the map node.

I don't have a custom provider.

But if I changed the node from OSM and put it as ESRI it now works.
Ok, that isn't the full name, but enough to explain what I am doing.

When I import the flow you pasted above I see

Which has no base map files selected - and the default one set to a custom provider which has no url - so of course it will be blank

If I set it to

Where OSM is one of the two selected (and also Esri) .

then it shows OSM as the default map no problem.

A default worldmap node will default to

Which includes OSM and OSM grey as the default - so you must have changed from the defaults.

Ok, thanks. Interesting.

So now this is what I am seeing.

(Pictures say more - I think)

On the GUI side of things:

I'm not sure if ESRI are free or what ever.
So on the GUI side of things I do this:

Ok, blue is better than nothing.

So I have to zoom out about 6 (I honestly didn't count but it wasn't just a couple) times and I see this:

I'm guessing OPEN in the name is better/good.

But I still seem to be missing understanding how in the EDIT screen setting I set the default map and then how that interacts with the GUI side of things and selecting a different one.

If/when I change the maps on the GUI side, I am not always seeing the screen change to the newer selected map style.

Seems I'm slipping down the knowledge ladder just now. :confused:

Only for better inclusion here is the node exported from what is now set.

        "id": "f83930ff.b21488",
        "type": "worldmap",
        "z": "f7d630bfc1b2f259",
        "name": "",
        "lat": "-33.86",
        "lon": "151.20",
        "zoom": "14",
        "layer": "EsriT",
        "cluster": "18",
        "maxage": "30",
        "usermenu": "show",
        "layers": "show",
        "panit": "false",
        "panlock": "false",
        "zoomlock": "false",
        "hiderightclick": "false",
        "coords": "none",
        "showgrid": "false",
        "allowFileDrop": "false",
        "path": "/worldmap",
        "overlist": "DN,BU,SN,AC,TL",
        "maplist": "OSMG,OSMC,OSMH,EsriC,EsriS,EsriT,EsriO,EsriDG,NatGeo,UKOS,OS45,OS00,OpTop",
        "mapname": "",
        "mapurl": "",
        "mapopt": "",
        "mapwms": false,
        "x": 590,
        "y": 110,
        "wires": []

Ok, so things are working.... I zoom in and it looks better.

But.... ERSI Satellite selected. I zoom in and this what I see.
This has the details. Good.

Zoom out and the detail goes away. But that is strange, as earlier on (HOURS ago) I got high detail when zoomed out.
This zoom level is really really zoomed in.

Which, ok, is the way it is but that is confused because as I continue to zoom out, you can see there is higher details being loaded, but then flushed.

Sorry, but I just seem to not be getting something.

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