Worldmap - 404:Not found

Hi folks,

I'm trying to start using the worldmap node, and I'm having issues getting it initially configured.

I'm using the below code, but when I do the ctrl-shift-m I get a 404:Not Found error in my browser, which is pointed to

I haven't used this node before, and I'm not sure what needs to be set up behind the scenes, if anything.

any thoughts?

[{"id":"c0e71a8c.e22e48","type":"inject","z":"dfe4ec36.0a5a5","name":"","topic":"","payload":"{ \"lat\":51.05, \"lon\":-1.35, \"name\":\"A3090\", \"radius\":3000 }","payloadType":"json","repeat":"","crontab":"","once":false,"onceDelay":0.1,"x":170,"y":1180,"wires":[["f22e5b4f.f7bf28"]]},{"id":"f22e5b4f.f7bf28","type":"worldmap","z":"dfe4ec36.0a5a5","name":"","lat":"","lon":"","zoom":"","layer":"","cluster":"","maxage":"","usermenu":"show","layers":"show","panit":"false","x":370,"y":1180,"wires":[]}]

Not sure about the URL you are using, for me its just;

I get the same 404 error with that address also.

Are there any required fields that need to be setup in the worldmap node?

No, not really. Just the Web Path.
Here is what my config looks like. (Note the URL which is why I mentioned what mine was).

hmm, I have what you have, still the 404...

(thanks for your assistance so far)

restart node-red
What version of node-red and nodejs are you using? (both listed)
Are there any errors posted?

I'm using node-red 4.1.1, not sure how to check nodejs...

A restart doesn't help, nothing stands out in the Home Assistant logs, or Node Red's.

I've seen a few screenshots of the worldmap node that has the green connected circle, I don't have that.

Node-RED is currently on v0.20.8

How do you start Node-RED? On what platform.?
If you are running locally see the section on “running”

These startup messages include the version of node-red and nodejs

I'm running Node-red thru Home Assistant running off VMHassio

Restarting Node-red shows me the following:

[info] Node-RED version: v0.20.7
[info] Node.js version: v10.16.3
[info] Linux 4.19.20 x64 LE
[info] Worldmap version 2.1.0
[info] [worldmap:25381ed.edd03e2] started at /worldmap
[info] [worldmap:3a4fbd4e.9fbf82] started at /worldmap

sounds like a question for HA then, to see if HA could be blocking it

Does look like you have two worldmap nodes running at the same endpoint. You should delete one or move it. There should also be another couple of lines to the log like

13 Sep 22:13:12 - [info] [ui_worldmap:4755e834.9d8968] started at /worldmap
13 Sep 22:13:12 - [info] Started flows
13 Sep 22:13:12 - [info] Server now running at

I 'think' i have it sorted, ctrl-shift-m gives me the 404, but if I manually change the port, it works

thanks for everyones help

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