Would a subflow environment variable be able to set a password for a Database?

Let's say I take an InfluxDB In node in a subflow and configure it to some default settings based on how my stack is i.e.,

  • Database Address
  • Database Port
  • Default Database
  • Username
  • Password



Subflow Environment Variables

Let the user have the ability to change the username / password / database via the Env Vars of the subflow

InfluxDB Configuration


Would I be able to resolve the password using $(password) in the dedicated Password field of the InfluxDB configuration?

I tried it out and it works.

The following:

will be able to obtain resolve the information from the Env Vars.

What one may not see is that the value of the Password is $(password).

Test flow

For the following flow where the function node is just

msg.query = "SHOW USERS";
return msg;

The debug node is able to show values provided the user sets the password and username using the UI of the subflow

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