Would anybody help me?

Would anybody help me with a real tutorial that would allow me to build something step by step? I have programs in mind. My logic is very good. I have installed node-RED. However, I am totally lost. Each new tutorial I see makes me even more lost because I can't understand how the nodes work, what to write inside them, etc. I saw some tutorials of people using debug and making sentences appear on the right window. I didn't understand what the use of that was. Other tutorials I've seen mention many and many features without clearly explain what they do. I am really looking for a very didactic course or manual to follow. I need to know every single letter appears on node-Red, otherwise I won't be able to learn.



There is a playlist of 18 short videos from the developers of node-red.
This will explain the concepts and takes at most one hour of your time.

You reminded me that I'd meant to create an FAQ to cover this topic - now done: